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Octubre 2022: 35th ICMART World Congress on Medical Acupuncture - Bologna, Italia

El próximo Congreso Mundial de Acupuntura (ICMART 2022) se realizará en Bologna, Italia en formato presencial, salvo que cambien las normativas vigentes. El Inglés será el único idioma oficial.


2022 ICMART Congress is an in-person event
Congress format

There will be 4 parallel meeting rooms.

There will be three plenary sessions to welcome keynote lectures, forums, awards and ICMART General Assembly.

Six thematic sessions, six workshops, poster presentations and special sessions will take place in 4 different rooms for 3 days and will cover all important topics on acupuncture.

All ICMART congresses are well known for their high scientific standards and are great social events. They are a great opportunity to get the newest developments on scientific acupuncture, related techniques, research and clinical practice.

This year we continue with great keynote lectures, workshops and clinical cases from outstanding speakers who will join the congress. We also promote lectures in small groups so people will have the chance to get in touch.

Our aim is to promote integration of acupuncture in daily clinical practice and national healthcare systems to highlight the role of acupuncture in terms of clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, as well as reduction in use of drugs to benefit both the patient and and the environment. 


Should government regulations or restrictions related to COVID-19 limit or prohibit in person attendance, then the whole congress will be shifted to the online format

More information here.